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Mug Cozy and Split Puff Stitch Tutorial

It may be August, but many of us are starting to prepare for the holiday season and upcoming markets.  This quick and easy Coffee Mug Cozy is perfect for stocking stuffers and your Craft Fair / Market table.

They can be made with any worsted weight yarn of your choice.  However, I prefer and recommend cotton for its absorbency and how well it holds up after multiple washes.

You can adjust the length of the cozy by adding or removing rows, depending on how large of a cup you will be using it with.  The width of the cozy, with suggested materials should measure approximately 3.5 inches.

Note on sizing:  when you are measuring the length you will need for your cup, leave about 1.5 inches for the button wrap and room for the handle between the ends.

Also - How adorable is that button?  I grabbed a pack of these on clearance a while back with no idea what I would use them for, but were too cute to pass by (I know you can relate)  I was so excited to finally have a little project to use on…

Smooth like buttah - Color Change in Amigurumi

Color change in amigurumi is something that I always struggled with.  There are many methods for a jogless color change while working in a spiral, but I'd yet to find a method for getting nice clean lines between rows of color.  If you're unfamiliar with a jogless change, this allows you to have a smooth transition and avoid the "staircase look"  (check out these awesome tips from Needle Noodles). 
Today, we're going to focus on getting those clean rows using a slip stitch method to avoid taking a "bite" out of the previous row (shown below)

I discovered this method while working on a recent pattern and its a game changer, you guys!  Its also ridiculously easy!   I'm almost embarrassed it took me this long to figure out.
Step 1:  Join the new color to your piece and slip stitch around in BLO.  Be careful not to add or remove any stitches -  this is a foundation for the first row of the new color, you want to be sure your count does not change.