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Pumpkin Spice and Vanilla Catpuccinos - Free Pattern

Lets Brew Up Some Catpuccinos I'm not sure how it happened, but we're more than halfway through October!  This time of year always goes by way too quickly - I wish I could bottle up Fall in New England and keep it forever!   One of the best parts of fall is all things Pumpkin Spice and warm drinks, so, I brought the two together for this adorable pattern!   Try out the Vanilla Catpuccino for year round fun 👍
This body of this pattern is made in one piece which is great for beginners since there is minimal sewing involved!  I will include the pattern for the Witches hat as well as the Bow.  Grab your cappuccino's and lets get started :)  

Difficulty:  Easy / Beginner +

Suggested Material: 3.5mm Crochet Hook Scissors Pins Embroidery floss in pink and white
Polyfill (or preferred stuffing) Felt (Pumpkin Spice only) Safety Eyes and Nose *optional* Cardboard for base *optional*
Yarn:  Worsted Weight (Pictured Lily and Cream) Cup Color (Soft Ecru and Hot Orange)Cat Color (Black…

Smooth like buttah - Color Change in Amigurumi

Color change in amigurumi is something that I always struggled with.  There are many methods for a jogless color change while working in a spiral, but I'd yet to find a method for getting nice clean lines between rows of color.  If you're unfamiliar with a jogless change, this allows you to have a smooth transition and avoid the "staircase look"  (check out these awesome tips from Needle Noodles). 
Today, we're going to focus on getting those clean rows using a slip stitch method to avoid taking a "bite" out of the previous row (shown below)

I discovered this method while working on a recent pattern and its a game changer, you guys!  Its also ridiculously easy!   I'm almost embarrassed it took me this long to figure out.
Step 1:  Join the new color to your piece and slip stitch around in BLO.  Be careful not to add or remove any stitches -  this is a foundation for the first row of the new color, you want to be sure your count does not change.

First Post! Lets make Eye Scream Cones

Hi Everyone!

Thank you so much for coming by.  Crochet has been a passion of mine for many years and I am so excited to share my patterns and learn and grow with you all!

With that said, lets get right to it.  Today, we're making mini Eye Scream Cones!  October is here and I'm embracing all things cooky and spooky. 

Difficulty:  Easy / Beginner +

3.5mm crochet hook
Polyfill (or preferred stuffing)
Red embroidery floss
Darning needle
Worsted Weight Yarn

Pictured above:  Lily Sugar and Cream Cotton Yarn  (buy here)
Juke (tan / beige) WhiteRedBlackHot blue / Beach Glass (Iris color can be substituted) Gauge is not necessary.  Though it is important to note that a larger or smaller hook size will impact the size of the finished piece.  With suggested material the finished piece will measure approximately 2.5inches from top to bottom.

Terms used (US crochet terminology)
MC - Magic Circle
CH - Chain
SC - Single Crochet
Sl St - Slip Stitch
F/O - Fasten off