Smooth like buttah - Color Change in Amigurumi

Ain't she purrty


Color change in amigurumi is something that I always struggled with.  There are many methods for a jogless color change while working in a spiral, but I'd yet to find a method for getting nice clean lines between rows of color.  If you're unfamiliar with a jogless change, this allows you to have a smooth transition and avoid the "staircase look"  (check out these awesome tips from Needle Noodles). 

Today, we're going to focus on getting those clean rows using a slip stitch method to avoid taking a "bite" out of the previous row (shown below)

I just ... I cant. Ugh.  

I discovered this method while working on a recent pattern and its a game changer, you guys!  Its also ridiculously easy!   I'm almost embarrassed it took me this long to figure out.

Step 1:  Join the new color to your piece and slip stitch around in BLO.  Be careful not to add or remove any stitches -  this is a foundation for the first row of the new color, you want to be sure your count does not change.

NOTE:  Step 1 DOES NOT count as a row, it just serves as a base for the first row of the new color
Slip Stitch BLO
Step 2:  SC in BLO of new color. You are working these into the slip stitches we did step 1.

SC in BLO of previous sl st row

 Its really that easy!  I hope you enjoyed this quick "how to"!