Sammy Spliff

Ahhh Sammy Spliff.  He's a good friend, we've been buds for a bit now and I figured it was time he rolled on over to the blog (ha!  get it?  Puns ...).

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Some of you may be familiar with Sammy's friend, Tony Smokes (below).  Tony is available as a purchase only pattern on my Etsy Shop.  Both Tony and Sammy came to me in a moment of ... inspiration 😅but it took a while before I put hook to yarn and completed the pattern for Sammy.  I'm so happy I did, and that I get to share this with you all for free.

Pro Tip:   

If you have cats, or know someone who is owned by cats, stuff Sammy or Tony with some catnip for a hysterical cat toy.  If you do this, I HIGHLY suggest leaving the smoke off of the top of either toy, we dont want any yarn making its way into those precious little bellies. 

Pattern Notes:

Pattern is worked in the round.  Count at the end of each row will be between ( ) 
Repeat stitches between * * to the end of the row or until specified

There is no gauge for this pattern.  With suggested materials and hook size, Sammy will measure 6 inches long and 4.5 inches around at the fattest point

Crochet Terms:  US Crochet terms

MR:   Magic Ring
SC:    Single Crochet
INC:  Increase
DEC: Decrease
ST:    Stitches
CH:   Chain

Items Needed:
Worsted Weight yarn in:
Off White / Cream
Dark Grey
Small amounts of:
White (for smoke)


Starting with Green:
R1:  SC 5 in MR (5)
R2:  INC in each st around (10)

Switch to Off White/Cream
R3-R4:  1 SC in each st around (10)
R5:  *1 SC in next 4 sts, INC* (12)
R6: 1 SC in each st around (12)
R7:  *1 SC in next 5 sts, INC* (14)
R8: 1 SC in each st around (14)
R9:  *1 SC in next 6 sts, INC* (16)
R10: 1 SC in each st around (16)
R11:  *1 SC in next 7 sts, INC* (18)
R12: 1 SC in each st around (18)
R13:  *1 SC in next 8 sts, INC* (20)
R14: 1 SC in each st around (20)
R15:  *1 SC in next 9 sts, INC* (22)
R16-R28: 1 SC in each st around (22)

Insert eyes between row 16 and 20 

Now is also a good time to add the mouth and begin stuffing.  

Continuing on to the ash portion:

The next two rows you will begin to work in the grey with speckles of red and black to create the "burning" ash look.  You can do this however you'd like. I have put the suggested colors at the beginning of the next two rows.

R29:  (Cream, Red and Black) 1 SC in each st around (22)
R30:  (Grey, Black) 1 SC in each st around (22)

Now working only in Grey:

R31:  *1 SC in next 9 sts, DEC* (20)
R32:  1 SC in each st around (20)
R33:  *1 SC in nex 8 sts, DEC (18)
R34:  1 SC in next st around (18)

Fasten off and weave in ends.  Finish stuffing and shaping.


Ch 5
R1:  SC in 2nd CH from hook and the next 3  (4)

Fasten off, leaving a tail for sewing.

Attach the eye lids so they partially cover the safety eyes, this will give Sammy his stoned look. 

Top and Smoke:

With Grey Yarn
R1:  6 SC in MR  (6)
R2:  INC in each st around (12)
R3:  *1 SC in next st, INC* (18)

Fasten off and leave long tail for sewing.  

Sew the top of the ash to Sammy.  Add any more stuffing you might need.  

Smoke:  Using white yarn, cut 8-10 4 inch pieces. Attach them to the top of the ash.  Using the wire brush, gently brush out the top to create smoke.

Legal Disclaimer:  

This pattern and its images are copyright protected and the sole property of Not Your Yiyas Crochet. Please do not redistribute, transfer, or sell the pattern, or alter it to claim as your own. You may sell any products you create from this pattern. Please credit the designer by linking online listings to or tagging @Not_Your_Yiyas_Crochet on Instagram and Facebook or using the hashtag #NotYourYiyasCrochet