Mug Cozy and Split Puff Stitch Tutorial

It may be August, but many of us are starting to prepare for the holiday season and upcoming markets.  This quick and easy Coffee Mug Cozy is perfect for stocking stuffers and your Craft Fair / Market table.

They can be made with any worsted weight yarn of your choice.  However, I prefer and recommend cotton for its absorbency and how well it holds up after multiple washes.

You can adjust the length of the cozy by adding or removing rows, depending on how large of a cup you will be using it with.  The width of the cozy, with suggested materials should measure approximately 3.5 inches.

Note on sizing:  when you are measuring the length you will need for your cup, leave about 1.5 inches for the button wrap and room for the handle between the ends.

Also - How adorable is that button?  I grabbed a pack of these on clearance a while back with no idea what I would use them for, but were too cute to pass by (I know you can relate)  I was so excited to finally have a little project to use one on

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What You'll Need: 

  • Size F/3.75mm Crochet Hook 
  • I love this cotton yarn (or your preferred worsted weight yarn)
  • Button
  • Tapestry needle (check out this bent tip needle by Clover, I started using these a couple years ago and haven't looked back since)

Special Stitches:

Split Puff:
Yarn over, insert hook in specified stitch, pull up a loop, x2, yarn over and insert hook into next specified stitch, pull up loop, x2.  Yarn over and pull through all 9 loops.  After row 1, SP is worked into the top of the previous puff stitches.

Yarn Over, insert hook in specified stitch, pull up a loop (do this twice - 5 loops on your hook)

Yarn Over, insert hook in 2nd specified stitch, pull up a loop (do this twice, total of 9 loops on your hook - there are only 7 shown in the above photo, this was taken after the first Yarn Over and pull up a loop)

Yarn Over and pull through all loops, CH 2

Yarn over and insert hook in designated stitch, draw up loop, x2.  Yarn over and pull through all 5 loops

Pattern Notes:

  • Ch 2  at beginning of EVEN rows counts as HDC
  • Ch 3 at the beginning of ODD rows counts as HDC + CH1
  • Repeat stitches between { }
  • Each Puff and Split Puff stitch are worked into the "eye" (or top) of the puff stitches in the previous row.  

Abbreviations:  US Crochet Terms

  • CH:  Chain
  • SC:  Single Crochet
  • SP:  Split Puff
  • PUFF:  Puff Stitch
  • HDC:  Half Double Crochet
  • DC:  Double Crochet


Ch 20, 1sc in 2nd chain from hook and next 18

R1:   CH 3, SP over 1st and 4th SC, {CH 2, SP (over 1st half goes in same SC space as last SP, sk 2 SC, finish SP)} repeat across.  Ch 1, HDC in same SC as last SP.  Turn

R2:  CH 2 (counts as HDC), Puff into top of next SP, {CH 2, SP (over same SP and next SP)} repeat across, CH 2, Puff in same SP, DC in 2nd CH of turning chain.

Ch 2, Puff into top of last SP, and SP over the same SP and next SP, CH 2

Repeat across and place a Puff in the last SP.

DC in turning Chain

R3: CH 3 (counts as HDC + CH 1) SP (over first Puff and next SP), {CH 2, SP (over same SP and next SP)}. repeat across to last SP, SP (over same SP and Puff) Ch 1, DC in 2nd CH of turning chain

CH 3, SP (over first Puff and next SP)

End of Row 3, Chain 1 and DC in 2nd stitch of turning chain

Repeat rows 2 and 3 until desired length.

Ch1, do not turn - evenly space SC stitches along the length of the cozy, when you get the row of SC we started with, SC in the next 9 stitches, ch 20, sk1 sc, sc across.

Continue around the cozy until you get the first SC from the border, sl st to join.

Sew button between the last and second to last row of the pattern repeat - I suggest testing this placement first just in case you have to make any adjustments.

If you make something from this pattern, I'd love to see your makes!  Please find me on social media (Facebook / Instagram ) and share what you've created!

You can, of course, sell items made with this pattern, just please be sure to credit me as the designer.

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