Power-Up Mushrooms

If you follow me on social media (Facebook / Instagram) then you know that I have a deep love for gaming.  I get a lot of my inspiration from gaming, and as a child of the 80's, I'm bringing it back to my first love for this pattern.  Super Mario Bros!  You don't have to have been born in the 80's to have a love for this franchise.  There are fans of all ages across the globe.

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This is an easy, beginner pattern and perfect for those who want to give amigurumi a try for the first time! 

Power Up Types:

Red:      Super Mushroom - Mario grows and can break blocks

Blue:     Mini Mushroom - shrinks Mario, can go through mini pipes.                                                                 

Bee:      Bee Mushroom - allows Mario to fly

Green: 1-Up Mushroom - 1 extra life

Yellow: Mega Mushroom - Mario grows HUGE.  Can run through blocks, enemies and pipes

Pattern Notes:

Gauge is not needed for this piece.  With suggested materials, your mushroom will be approximately 3x3 inches

Repeat stitch pattern between * * 

Stitch count for row will appear between ( ) 

Body and cap are worked in one piece, spots are worked separately and sewn on later 

If you are doing the bee, color rows will be indicated between { } in the pattern.  If you are not doing the bee, follow pattern with the power-up color you have chosen

Have fun!

You will need:

  • Worsted Weight Yarn in White and Cap color of choice
  • Scrap piece of black yarn (for eyes)
  • Size E/3.5mm crochet hook - I use the Clover Armour hooks and cant recommend them enough.  Follow this link to grab a set for yourself 
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Poly-fill
  • Scissors

Terms Used: (US Crochet terms)

  • MR:  Magic Ring
  • SC:  Single Crochet
  • FLO:  Front Loop Only
  • BLO:  Back Loop Only
  • DEC:  Decrease (SC two together)
  • INC:  Increase (two SC in same stitch)
  • F/O:  Fasten Off

Let's a Go! 

Body: (white, if doing the bee, work body in yellow)

R1 SC 6 MR (6)
R2 2sc in each st (12)
R3 *1sc in next st, Inc* (18)
R4 BLO - 1 SC in each st around (18)
R5-R7 Work through both loops - 1 SC in each st around (18)

Switch to cap color 

*now is a good time to add the eyes so you can hide the yarn more easily*

Mushroom Cap:

R1 FLO - 2sc in each st (36) {Brown}
R2 Working through both loops - *1sc in next 2 sts, Inc* (48) {Brown}
R3 1 SC in each st around (48) {Brown}
R4 1 SC in each st around (48) {Yellow}
R5 *1 SC in next 6 sts, dec* (42) {Yellow}
R6 *1 SC in next 5 sts, dec* (36) {Brown}
R7 1 SC in each st around (36) {Brown}
R8 *1 SC in next 4 sts, dec* (30) {Yellow}
R9 *1 SC in next 3 sts, dec* (24) {Yellow}
R10 *1 SC in next 2 sts, dec* (18) {Brown}
R11 *1 SC in next st, dec* (12) {Brown}
R12 Dec every 2 sts around (6) {Brown}

F/O Weave in ends

Spots:  Make 5 

R1SC 6 MR (6)
R22sc in each st (12)
R3*1sc in next st, Inc* (18)

F/O leaving long tail for sewing

Add spots as shown, hide ends

If you make something from this pattern, I'd love to see your makes!  Please find me on social media (linked at the top of the post) and share what you've created! 

You can, of course, sell items made with this pattern, just please be sure to credit me as the designer.


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