15 Minute Squishy Scrunchies

 15 Minute Squishy Scrunchies

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They say that fashion cycles, sometimes this is a terrible idea (stonewashed jeans should never, ever be a thing again), but sometimes its a good thing, like now, when scrunchies make their come back.

This scrunchie pattern is ridiculously easy.  I'm not even sure we can call it pattern - its more of a How To.

First, lets talk about the yarn.  Bernat Velvet Yarn, this stuff is AMAZING.  If you haven't gotten your hands on some, even if you aren't making scrunchies, I recommend it.  Just keep some on hand to touch and caress every once in a while.  You don't even have to make anything with it.

This yarn is Bulky weight (5) and calls for a 6.5mm crochet hook.  Its much thinner, and softer, than their blanket yarn.  However, I will note that because of the texture of this yarn, the stitch definition is lacking and I found it can look sloppy with the larger crochet hook.  If you are running into this same issue, try going down a couple sizes.

Its even softer than it looks


Bernat Velvet Yarn (about 65 yards).  I'm using Burgundy Plum for these instructions.
Darning Needle
Size I/5.5mm Crochet hook
Hair Tie

Abbreviations Used (U.S Crochet Terminology):  
CH - Chain
SC - Single Crochet
DC - Double Crochet
Sl St - Slip Stitch
F/O - Fasten off

The tools

Step 1:
Start by creating a slip knot with your yarn and attach it to the hair tie.  Chain 1 (this does not count as a stitch)

Step 1

Step 2:
28 SC around the hair tie (pushing them back to make space for all).  Slip stitch into the first SC to join.

*Depending on your tension, this number may vary and that's perfectly fine.  You just want to make sure that you have enough stitches on the hair tie to completely cover it.  Over crowding the stitches is encouraged here.

Step 2:  28 sc shown
Step 3:
Ch 2 - Do Not Turn (this does not count as a stitch).
3 DC in first stitch, and each stitch around.  Slip Stitch into first DC and F/O
Weave in and hide ends

*To avoid any gaps, make sure you aren't skipping any stitches on this step.  The SC from step one are easy to miss with the texture of the yarn and them being all squished in.  My first attempt I missed almost every other SC - It was a hot mess.

*Once again, it will feel like we are putting way too many stitches in the round, and thats exactly
what we want.  Overcrowding and putting 3 DC's in each SC is what gives us the ruffle look.

Ta Da!

And there it is - your 15 minute scrunchie!  Bernat has some amazing colors available in this yarn ranging from bold to super soft pastels.  I suggest you buy them all :)

I'm obsessed

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