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Riverside Market Bag

In the last year or so, my city, and many others across the country, have banned single use plastic bags.  So of course, I used this as another reason to pull out my hooks and yarn.  Let's be real, I'm always looking for an excuse to pull out those hooks and yarn!

I named this bag as a nod to the area of the city I grew up in.  Riverside was a great little area, you guessed it, along the river.  It was one of those neighborhoods where all of the kids were around the same age and spent every night at each others homes.  Some of my best memories are from that area, and the blues and purples in the yarn I chose brought those feeling back for me.  

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Lets talk about this glorious yarn, shall we?  I went with Lion Brand's Comfy Cotton Blend, which is a worsted weight 50% Cotton 50% Polyester blend.  Polyester has come a long way my friends, and paired with this cotton, it's not only beautiful, but sturdy.…

Velvet Cloud Scrunchies

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Velvet Cloud Scrunchies:
Difficulty:Beginner / Easy
           U.S. Crochet Terms (abbreviations list) CH : ChainHDC : Half Double crochetSl St : Slip StitchF/O : Fasten Off
Material List:  •Bernat Velvet Yarn (shown is Smokey Violet)

Power-Up Mushrooms

If you follow me on social media (Facebook / Instagram) then you know that I have a deep love for gaming.  I get a lot of my inspiration from gaming, and as a child of the 80's, I'm bringing it back to my first love for this pattern.  Super Mario Bros!  You don't have to have been born in the 80's to have a love for this franchise.  There are fans of all ages across the globe.

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This is an easy, beginner pattern and perfect for those who want to give amigurumi a try for the first time! 

Power Up Types:

Red:      Super Mushroom - Mario grows and can break blocks

Blue:     Mini Mushroom - shrinks Mario, can go through mini pipes.                                                                 

Bee:      Bee Mushroom - allows Mario to fly

Green: 1-Up Mushroom - 1 extra life

Yellow: Mega Mushroom - Mario grows HUGE.  Can run through blocks, enemies…

Learn to make Cat Butt Coasters!

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If there's one thing all cat lovers know to be true, it's that at a cat will ALWAYS present, and offer you their butt, and you have no choice but to accept.   That was the inspiration for this fun and quick pattern.

For this project, I decided to use Lily Sugar 'N Cream 100% Cotton Yarn in Coral Rose and Overcast.  I chose this yarn because it's an affordable sturdy cotton yarn that you can throw in the wash over and over again.  If you wish, you can substitute any other worsted weight cotton yarn you prefer

This a great project for those left over balls of yarn that aren't quite big enough to make much of anything with.  You can mix and match all sort of colors to create a unique look and even replicate your own cat's butt!

These are also great if you upcoming craft shows and fairs. 

Please note that this blog and post contains affiliate links and any sales m…